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Nntp [dude] for Avalon March CTP

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    Someone using my alias sent me a feedback in my msdn blog and suggested Sandbox as a place to share my project. So here I am posting my screenshot with preferred resolution and project zip file that will work with Avalon March CTP and Visual C# Express as development environment.

    To run the app after build, make sure you have Internet connection and port 110 opened (I have that at home). If you are in firewalled environment with restriction, please ensure you have Firewall client or Winsock client.

    Special thanks to ChrisAn for sharing his AvPad Xaml project, this is my main reference resources since there aren't many samples out there. Hopefully this can be another sample useful for someone playing with Avalon CTP.

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    Thanks for sharing, digitalnetbizz (whoever you are).



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