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PDC05 Interact for Outlook 2003

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    What is PDC05 Interact for Outlook 2003:

    It's an Outlook 2003 addin which incorporates blogs, posts, comments, podcasts, meetings etc. It helps users to stay in conntact and to Interact with eachother.

    What can I do with it:

    - Explore the blog categories
    - Publish posts to PDC05 Interact blog
    - Listen to the podcasts other user posted            - Create and publish a podcast yourself
    - Find out who is using PDC05 Interact - see where they are with MSN Virtual Earth BETA
    - Schedule a meeting or perhaps organize a geek dinner with PDC05 Interact users
    - Update your profile in My Account and set your exact location with MSN Virtual Earth BETA
    - SSK Feedback form in My Account form
    - Integrated error reports

    Don't forget to register for a Premium Edition:
    - User searching
    - Comment on posts
    - RSS 2.0 XML generator for podcasts           
    - Uploading and downloading podcast files
    - Admin area which gives you full control over Interact system



    Here is my entry - it was done with VS2005 and VSTO support for Outlook 2003 and SSK (settings are default).
    If you install the addin and the toolbar and/or folders doesn't show up, check if you have installed the following:

    Outlook 2003
    The Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0
    Outlook 2003 Service Pack 1
    Outlook 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies
    The Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office runtime

    (How to Install VS tools for Office runtime:,vs.80).aspx">,vs.80).aspx)

    Looking forward to any comments.

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    Since I forgot to add a screenshot to ZIP file - here are some screenshots.

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    Hmm, it seems to be interesting, at least for the USA Perplexed

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    I've got all that's needed downloaded and installed but it looks like to me that you've got a link wrong perhaps

    The Outlook 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies link is the same as the Visual Studio Tools link ..if I'm wrong then I don't have it running for some reason

    is it a must that you have office 2003 sp1? .. I installed sp2 yesterday
    I can't wait to check this out!


    <edit>I found and installed the Outlook PIA's but it's still not there any configuration in Outlook I missed?</edit>

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    Make sure you have SSK installed - also, check the disabled items in Outlook (Help->About->Disabled Items) and COM Add-ins dialog (Tools->Options->Advanced->COM Addins).

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