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Remote Control WMP

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    Hey guys and gals - this is my first time I have posted here Smiley

    Hope you are all doing well. I have been a huge fan/supporter of Microsoft since I was of a very young age, 7 years later I am still a fan and supporter.

    I have been involved with MS for the past 5 years, and the past year just finished working for them as a software dev and infrastructure engineer (1 year paid internship in the UK) I hope to work for them of course as an MSFT. (FTE)

    Right - I've made an application that allows you to remotly control WMP on your computer through the power of your SPV using either usb or bluetooth (really designed for bluetooth)! It was a project that I thought would be easy but found it to be a bit challanging dealing with TCP/IP communication

    Please, tell me what you think. It's nothing fancy, still in beta and there are a few bugs. I have shared this with some colleagues and they pretty much are "woow'd" at this, which makes me happy!

    I hope you can make this run on your SPV. It was designed for the typhoon (C500) but dont see why it should not work on C550.

    Instructions are enclosed in the attachment. Any suggestions/bug reporting/feedback - please reply in this thread.

    Would be cool if one of the channel9 guys could do a review of this or a video or something to show how powerful our MS technology is which can run on an MS OS powered mobile device.

    This app I have created was really designed for you to be able to remotly control WMP (Windows Media Player) from your SPV to your PC. It works with bluetooth and USB (designed for bluetooth really)

    It can also connect using GPRS (the internet)

    Say, you have a party or whatever and you have a huge collection of audio/video on your PC and your speakers are blaring out loud from the inside of your house and you are outside. You dont wanna have to go all the way inside/upstairs to change the playlist/tracklisting. Do it from the power of your SPV with this app!

    Feel really good about yourself? Just been out and about to enter your house/flat? Want to greet yourself in with a great track? Do it with this app - simply connect, request and play!

    Sum up: This app I have created allows you to remotly control WMP from your SPV to your computer. It was tested with WMP10 (should work with WMP 9 too!)

    Soon, it will have the ability to pause/stop/rewind/forward when I have embedded WMP into the application that sits on the server.

    Try it, let me know what you think - again, its still in beta! Sorry for rambling on, im too excited...

    Take it easy;)

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    anyone have any comments? 79 views... hehe Smiley (and i swear they werent all me...)

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    sounds cool, I really like the idea with Bluetooth.

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    It works well or over 802.11, too if your device supports it.  Quite a nice app.  How about some source?

    Kind of limited in that it only loads files for 1 particular directory at a time, but you can save multiple files as a playlist, and point the source there, then request a particular playlist from the client.

    Needs polish, but as I said, works quite well.  One thing that needs to be handled better:  if i have my device connected, and it powers off by itself, I have to close the app on the client forcefully (end program), and I also have to stop/start the service on the server to be able to re-connect.

    EDIT: FYI, i'm running on an iPaq 4150...

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    hehe thanks Smiley

    Well yeh I am working on the "check if connected to server" part. I will of course in the future implement the feature where you can change the directory from the client app but already coming up with problems, since .NET CF does not support folder browse dialog.

    It probably supports 802.11 - it basically connects using TCP/IP so any device that has a way of connecting via TCP/IP it will use it, wether that being bluetooth or usb. Im glad I didnt have to go through a 3rd party tool of using the bluetooth feature - really dont know why they are doing that since .NET uses every possible way of connecting to a destination that has TCP/IP support in the device....


    Thanks for the comments, much appreciate Smiley So it works huh? Smiley

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    Jesus to a child,,,Wow Nice Very Nice...I like that...

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    lol thanks Big Smile


    version 3 is almost complete and is much better Wink check out the beta


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    Looks interesting - i'll have to give it a try...

    maybe i should work on a MMJB or iTunes plugin because I use those players 99% of the time.  Of course, there's the occasional WMV or AVI file in WMP...

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    Smiley remember to check out v3 beta 2.
    version 3 will hopefully be officially released tomorrow.

    I have just created a powerpoint app too - allows you to control powerpoint from the SPV using bluetooth/wireless/usb cable. So now you can change slides/start powerpoint from the SPV without being near a keyboard or mouse! Smiley

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