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    New code example, screenshot and videos posted at:

    It works with the October CTP, I'll update it if necessary to work with the hot-off-the-presses November CTP later this week.

    On launch, the code starts up the simulation enviornment with six 4WD robots in it. A marker ball (zero-mass, floating) indicates which one is Robot Zero initially. A GUI, launched automatically on a separate thread, comes up, allowing control of the team and read-back of instantaneous robot data. The GUI permits:
    --Group target changes (x,z co-ordinates of group objective)
    --Formation changes (lines, geometric shapes, and 'attempt' crash)
    --Stop override (switch individual robots off for a while)
    --Marking track-ball re-allocation (mark any robot, or none)
    --Display of current data of all robots at an instant

    A couple of videos of the simulation running and a screen shot are posted, so the functionality can be seen without any MSRS CTP needed at all.

    As always feel free to help yourselves to the source code, modify and re-post at will.