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    RossD wrote:
    Hi All-<BR><BR>The next version of Sim 2 Tweaking, with improved commenting, contoured terrain, and a TANK!<BR><BR>I've simulated a tracked vehicle by using twenty wheels, ten on each side, in two overlapping layers.  The classes are supplied for modification of the vehicle.<BR><BR>The problem of flipping them upside down and not getting driving force still exists, that's Monday's job. Also, still have no color / lighting working, but can see them in black against the terrain map background.<BR><BR>Ross.

    Hi Ross, good work. Please check out Simulation tutorial 5 on how to assign simple color per mesh (or wheel in your case). Use the DiffuseColor field in the ShapeProperties, or specify a texture per mesh, like sim tutorial 5 mentions.

    Right now the default color for your mesh will be black since you have alot of programmatically  created meshes, with no difusse color or file based mesh.