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Sandbox3D v. - Video on 3D Mesh Objects

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    Sandbox3D v.

    No new functionality in this version, just ported to Sept CTP of Avalon.  

    Sandbox3D v.

    With this version, I have added the ability to map video onto 3D meshes and then manipulate the mesh while the video plays (which can make for some very bizarre experiences...).  Below is the good old torus, aka donut, with the Windows System .wmv playing on it. By default, the file open dialog will point to this directory, so that you can very quickly see this working even if you don't have a .wmv handy.  Of course, you can open any video on your system and load it onto a mesh with Sandbox3D.

    Sandbox3D v.

    Written for Avalon Beta 1 RC, this tool allows you to visually manipulate a mesh, see the values that result from your manipulation and use those values when placing your viewport in an application.

    Current features:

    • Load a primitive into world space
    • Manipulate scale, rotation and translation of the mesh with sliders
    • Manipulate camera light direction, position and field of view with sliders

    The sliders use Avalon databinding to wire up the coordinates.  In a couple cases, I was able to do the binding directly in XAML; in other cases, I created a wrapper object in code. 

    Features I'd like to add:

    • Load any mesh, not just primitives
    • Load multiple meshes
    • Use brushes on the mesh(es)
    • Animate the mesh(es)
    • Trackball

    If you feel like hacking at this sample, please do -- and let me know how you change it.  If we get enough momentum, maybe we can make it a GotDotNet workspace or SourceForge project...

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    Wow... a Microsoft sandbox project... (goggles in awe)

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    New version posted

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Link is no longer working... I've been getting blanks for videos with Sept. 2006 CTP of WinFx and Video on 3D Mesh...

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