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WMP Remote v2.0 released!

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    Hi there

    Hope your well icon_smile.gif

    From the good amount feedback I recieved and comments from the previous version of my application, I am happy to announce that I have just released Version 2.0 of the application.

    WMP Remote allows you to control Windows Media Player (WMP) from the power of your SPV (and my application icon_wink.gif) to your PC using bluetooth/GPRS/USB cable!

    It runs on WM2003+ and was designed and also tested on C500.

    Version 2 has these features:

    - Better architecture
    - More controls! - You can now pause/play/resume files as well as increasing/decreasing volume (10% either way)
    - Keep up to date on the latest news whilst you are on the move!
    - Checks if up to date features of the Client version is supported by the server and disables features accordingly

    Unfortunatly the "Web Update" or "Live Update" of the CLIENT version of the application is disabled for now. The reason is simply because there are very wierd issues with the web services on the web hosting company.

    Keep checking the update or latest news for a more up to date information on this matter!

    The SERVER is UNEFFECTED by this bug, the server update runs as normal.

    Please, post feedback/bugs/comments here or to:


    Download the attached file
    Unzip to destination
    Copy WMPRemoteClient.exe To the smartphone device and run it from there (NOTE: it will NOT run on the PC)

    make sure the WMPRemoteServer.exe and 2 dll files are kept in the same directory whilst running WMPRemoteServer on the computer, otherwise the application will not run.

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    The Live/Web update works fine now for the client version!

    Excellent - app is fully operational!

    There will be an update to 2.1 for the Client version tonight, this simply disables the disabled function of updating the app, since at the time it did not work.

    to make it work in v2.0 (for this one time only) simply type in the "Message To Send to server" box on the main screen:


    exactly like that... then, click on Operations > Updates > Check update and it should then check for the update.

    Update to 2.1 for the Client version will be made in 3-4 hours time.

    I have also added more support for backward compatability for Server version < version 2.

    Also added a small feature to allow you to use a "hot key" to allow you to increase/decrease volume (simply set focus to the "volume" text box and press key 4 to decrease volume and key 6 to increase volume)

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    Hey! Smiley hope your all doin well!
    Thanks to you guys, and others, WMP Remote has been a great success and I just want to say personally thanks!

    WMP Remote v3 is currently in making and it really is looking more solid and smart

    I would like to ask for beta testers - if you are interested (id appreciate that) then please email: with the subject line "WMP Remote beta tester"

    Sorry, didnt know what forum to post this in but think this was more suitable

    Please, any suggestions are most welcome! Perhaps you'd like to do a skin or something? Wink

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    Will you release source code ?

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    Fanastic, it seems alot of posters here are using the Typhoon design. Excited to try this out!

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    wow didnt realize i had replies! Smiley Thanks guys!

    Version 3 is almost complete and it is SOOO much better!

    check out the beta:

  (click on software and follow the links for WMP Remote)




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    Awesom ...
    good work man ...

    Fatir Siddiqui

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