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WMP Remote v3.0 released!

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    WMP Remote has been a huge success ever since version 1. Of course over new versions things have changed to make it better and have more great features!

    Thanks to you guys and the great response I have had, I am happy to announce WMP Remote version 3 has been released today! After weeks of re-writing the application to improve itself and adding new features, the application is bigger and better! Please, check out the list of features/improvements and download version 3

    let me know what you think, please post any feedback/bugs here or email me from the website!

    WMP Remote allows you to connect your SPV to your PC using bluetooth/wireless/GPRS/USB Cable and allows you to select media files to play on your PC from the power of the SPV, and my app! Smiley

    I would love to put up a list of features here but would rather you visit the website!

    Thanks Smiley Wink

    It's better to download from the website but I will attach both zip files here Wink

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    cmon! feedback Wink

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    First it gave an error message, then it launched a program that was also installed (smartVNC) And after that it made my Smartphone crash.

    After deleting SmartVNC it gives an error message again.

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