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    Hi All,
    Have you ever searched for some information using Google in your office and wished that you can get the status of your search and your results to be used or continued at home?

    I have built an application that combine the power of searching the web with the power of searching your own desktop. It uses the Google web API plus the Google desktop search.

    It will be great if you can take some time to try it and if you felt that it helped you I will be happy.

    Application Description

    Download link

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    Hi All,
    I have received some useful feedback on the software that helped me to do the following modifications to the software.

    • Fixing an issue that causes Desktop search not to return results when using Web search advanced features. Desktop search will ignore unsupported features.
    • Updating the user interface to designate the options available only to web search.

    Looking forward to have more of your useful feedback

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