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Windows Vista & IE7 Readiness Tour Content

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    Mohamed A. Meligy this is the first post for me in here, I think I should intoduce myself first!!

    I'm Mohamed Ahmed Meligy, an application developer in SilverKey, and a computer engineering student in the culture and sceience city. As the rest of the team, I'm quite interested in ASP.NET 2.0 internal areas, ATLAS and other client frameworks, .NET Framework 3.0 foundations, and innovations of programming langauages, especially dynamic ones.

    Well, now let's turn to the post itself!

    Mirosoft held a one-day event for Windows Vista and IE7 called "Windows Vista & IE7 Readiness Tour",. The tour is going across so many countries putting microsoft Egypt in front of the middleeast countries hosting it. I submitted a post to my GWB blog about the tour with the most details I could remember and get out of my notes. This was in two parts one for IE7 and another for Windows Vista. You may want to check them out.

    Here, I didn't primarily want to link to my other posts, instead, wanted to upload the cotnent I could get for the sessions as a member in ArabTeam2000, the biggest arab online developer commmunity so far, to be used of a third and last post targetting the event resources,.so, you can find that attached.

    Hmm... I guess this is the end of it. See you next post!

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