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a O/R mapping tools

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    you just need click it once for generate stored procedure , data layer, and a simple bussiness layer.

    a .net guru told you, don't spend your time on .net, if you really cannot avoid it , just to generate the managed code, avoid write it by hand, that let you look stupid(a perspective from C++ developers).

    sorry guys, i don't know there is CodeDOM such a stuff on the earth when i writing the following code.

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    :DIt sounds so gOOd!

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    Well done anyway. It will save you massive amount of time developing a new application.

    I was actually looking at building something similar.  But since you've mentioned CodeDom, I might actually check it out first before wasting my effort.

    The other thing that I've notice is that the new version of VS.NET that is coming seem to have some kind of similar feature too. Correct me if I am wrong.

    I haven't looked too extensively at the source code that was generated by your tool but from what I can see you've only handled code gen based on table schemas but not really taking care of relationship between the tables? Perhaps that's something you could improve on? Just a thought.

    James Big Smile

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    codesmith is teh oober for code generation.

    I use  wilson ORMapper for an o/r mapper (when I'm allowed)

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    I use Opf3 as my O/R Mapper... Works great.

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    Can you provide the link to this particular tool? thanks in advance

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