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This is the place where you can share your projects and apps with the rest of us. Just zip up your stuff, upload, and we can all play together!
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Solution to PDC2008 Hard Hat Challenge (Apple Pie) 3
Windows PowerShell Visual Studio 2005 Templates (C# and VB.NET) 14
FormRopes (Simplifiing Docking) 0
Files for "Creating Lookless Controls" Screencast 1
colours : an app that displays .net colours elegantly 0
Animaonline Port Scanner 1
Twitula 3
Files for "Skins for WPF and Silverlight" Screencast 0
Scheme in Ruby 0
Scheme in Python 0
Scheme in C# 0
DOS versions of: alias, cat, cp, ls, mv, rm, xargs - and desktop.bat 8
Blu-ray/DVD Comparison Utility 1
Elwoh ContactAssistant for Verizon Wireless 1
DirectX-3D Nebula generator 16
Remote Screen 0
JSINQ - a complete implementation of LINQ to Objects in JavaScript 4
Live Framework and Always Available Social Applications Files 1