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This is the place where you can share your projects and apps with the rest of us. Just zip up your stuff, upload, and we can all play together!
Title Replies Started Last post
Get SCT in WSE without a cert - just PKI (Both console and Win clients) 0 by staceyw by staceyw
Channel 9 Animation 4 by Travis H by dotnetjunkie
3D Carousel Control Source Code 6 by Minh by Khamul
Favelets - Find (new!), Next, Previous (++, --) 6 by Maurits by Maurits
Web Search Assistant 1 by Abdelhamid by Abdelhamid
Google Images Slideshow 0 by samw by samw
WMP Remote v1.0 released! 4 by ai by ai
CBT-DB ~ A little bit of French 0 by iStation by iStation
Change Brightness 0 by Angus by Angus
Invert Colors 9 by Angus by Angus
my project - Ione2 12 by agent__smith by agent__smith
HTML tags Striped - Plain text replace - HTML tags re-added 2 by Manip by Manip
Simple Avalon Weather Forecaster 6 by NateFurtwangler by BigPimpin
iPublish (Apple will kill me) 2 by gizmo_ by Steve411
Custom Control for Avalon: Radial Menu 0 by NateFurtwangler by NateFurtwangler
WMP Control add-in for VS2003 8 by cooler by cooler
CBT-DB ~ Visual Studio 2005 Acronyms 2 by iStation by iStation
MSN Desktop Search query API based music browser app 2 by SeanMcLeod by PeterH