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Can we leave luggage at the convention center

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    On the last day, can we leave our luggage in a secure place in the convention center ?

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    @SamVanhoutte: Yes. Complimentary cloakroom and luggage check is available Monday through Friday during conference hours in Hall 2. Luggage storage will be available in Hall 2 on Friday, 28 June 08:00-18:00. We recommend you leave any personal or valuable items in your hotel during the conference. The cloakroom opening times are:

    • Monday, 24 June 07:00-18:30
    • Tuesday, 25 June 07:00-20:30
    • Wednesday 26 June 08:00-18:30
    • Thursday, 27 June 08:00-20:30
    • Friday, 28 June 08:00-18:00
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    Will their also be a bus shuttle traveling from the convention center to the airport? Some years ago this services was provide in Copenhagen and for what I remember Barcelona as well and I liked it very much...

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    @YuryD: No. We won't have shuttles. The airport is located on the Metro Line and is a quick trip from IFEMA.

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