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Disappointed about security sessions

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    Hi all,

    I don't understand why there are so few sessions around security and threats. And most of them are done by third party companies or MVPs and not by Microsoft badge guys. Some of them are great but it's a Microsoft event and I want to meet Microsoft guys from product group to share there  vision and understand the work done by Microsoft around security stuff. It´s why I paid 2,000$.

    The session by Aaron Margosis (MSFT) was just excellent. Please give us more sessions like this for next Teched...





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    Yep agree and would have prefered focus was a bit more on what we could do to secure our environment.

    By the actual MSFT techs.

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    Me too.

    I think there should be more sec-pen and developer sessions. Can you imagine the interest if you had a sec-pen highlighting an issue, like click-jacking, iFrames, session & cookie issues. Then following this up with remediation on how to combat it. Even the simple things, like the config entries to combat these types of things. I think you would need a decent room.....Why not show this through Burp, wireshark, then show the difference with the config in pace. Some of it's straight forward (when you know).

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    MSFT Evangelist sessions for Trustworthy Computing.- Thanks

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