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    I've been working with kids for years and wanted to make tools to help them learn faster.  A few months ago I was trying to learn c# better so I tried and got really frustrated with it.  I found Bob Tabor's training series on Channel 9 and thought wonder if we could add those into SofTutor a specialized (software tutor) that plays inside of applications and lets you follow along and learn by doing faster.   I put together a quick SofTutor for c# then my friends told me to add more content needless to say I have added about 58 titles so far.  To help this project better made a SofTutor freeware player.

    Feel free to give it a try.  Since the videos are still on channel9 you'll need highspeed internet to use this product.  It's 2.6 mb and only runs on windows 7 or windows 8 or 8.1 not RT.