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Feedback on TechEd

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  • gert81

    Some feedback on TechEd so far

    - The wireless is much better (faster) than other years. But it still comes and goes. Even on the 5 Ghz band. In the exhibitionhall both my iPad en iPhone can almost never connect. Hope you can fix that.

    - Will sessions that were full be rescheduled to do them again?

    - The VMs in the HOLs are sometimes really slow. The offer is big though and that is good of course.

  • gunnarh

    Wireless is very poor.Exhibition Hall no coverage, Hall 4 poor, only Hall 7 is Ok but even very slow.
    The Session-Scheduler Android-App only shows "my Sessions" when online. No way to check whats next in your personal Session plan without WiFi. Why? Poor App-Architecture! Why don't you cache the selected Session-Data for viewing offline?

  • Davefl

    Same here. Android tablet, never managed to get the login page on any browser. Android phone, constantly drops wifi, and reconnects but ok when in coverage area which isn't any of breakout rooms. Windows laptop, cant get coverage again in breakout rooms, but is ok when in common area. Can't see 5Ghz band on any of them unfortunately.

  • ABraganca

    @gunnarh:same complaint here, teched not very techy  Sad

  • jabbasoft

    You'd think all the big brains pulling together all the seamless decks and strategy would utilise azure + agnostic mobile device + normal web + offline caching and sync.  Would have been a cute live demo watching the attendees "favourite" sessions in real time.

    better get my head down - early start to get the only Biztalk sessions of the week (it's not all hyperv, iaas and azure!...)


    oh and agree about the HOL performance.  If the vm volume/utilisation so large, maybe it should have been hosted in Azure... Wink

  • starman

    But how about some basic stuff ? These rock hard plastic chairs are killing me after 4-5 hours , I am seeing people sitting on the floor where there is soft carpet, even though there are plenty of seats availible.

  • AlejoL

    I think the organization is good. However, the Conference and Sessions guides are way too big, and you are bothered by getting them in and out of your backpack. It would have been better as in previous years, as a small booklet that would fir into your badge pouch, so you could make it to it really quick.

    I did not try the app.... I have a blackberry device, and therefore no app. Also the susbscribing to the calendar online was really bad... No details on the speaker (Not even the name). I attend TechEd because of the speakers, and this year many of the big SQL Server Non-MS Rockstars are missing.

  • gert81

    @jabbasoft: Ha Alejo. that's also what I always think. Move it to Azure... It's probably already running in Azure. I don't really see why when there are few people doing labs they cannot give the VMs more RAM. They have dynamic memory, don't they? Smiley

  • gert81

    @AlejoL: I agree about the small booklet which would have been fine. I found it handy you can caryy it in your badge pouch.

    There was an app for the iphone which crashes constantly on everyone's iphone. And in general iPhone apps almost never crash. I don't understand why they can't fix that bug. Sad...

    On the other hand a lot of things are done very well. It's quite an operation doing a TechEd so 90% was organised quite well.

  • jabbasoft

    funny how we all like things differently - i loved the huge ring-bound session manual with the synopsis and speaker etc from previous techeds Smiley

  • kestrup

    TechEd with very bad wifi, think about that everyone of us are at least runing 2-3 devices each.

  • Marco_S

    Is It me? I was expecting a TechEd Evaluation Survey mail.


    just received a mail with post-event survey

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