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    I would like to be part of TechEd Europe 2014, using the staffing. How can I apply? Is staffing possible when one is not an MVP/MCT?

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    It is possible to be staff even when not MVP/MCT. If you're not an MCT you will not be "picked first" for ILL, actually I do believe that you need to be an MCT for that.

    People who submit sessions that don't get approval are invited to submit for staffing positions.

    I'm not sure how to submit for staff any other way, sorry.

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    Guido - Staff are selected on a specific scale just as speakers. Generally experts in specific field / program groups have to submit / answer the invitation for staff. They are then selected based on the criteria the product teams specify or require. For MSL / LEX they only use MCT's or MCT Alumni that have been part of the program.

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    @guidovbrakel: I know you are an experienced MCP, that has provided excellent study guides toward various exams. Try to reach out to Microsoft Learning to perhaps deliver exam prepp sessions.

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    Is it worth to contribute as a staffing candidate in TechEd 2014 when you have to travel from USA to support a week with 16hrs lab sessions. I learned they that your name will not be listed anywhere and I am not sure what value someone gets in terms of personal and professional level being a staffing candidate. 

    Any real experiences will be much appreciated. Thanks

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