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Teched Europe 2014

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  • TheATeam1979

    Does anyone know when Microsoft will announce the dates and location for TechEd 2014? I need to start working on the MD to allow me the time away Smiley

  • DBegley

    Subscribe to the TechEd Europe newsletter to be the first to know about event announcements re: TechEd.

  • TheATeam1979

    Many thanks, all subsribed up Smiley

  • WillemAad

    Please no Amsterdam. It's too close to work and home meaning I would not be able to dive in as deep as I did in Madrid, Barcelona, NOLA and Berlin.

    Are we allowed to make suggestions? Smiley

  • ChBiegner

    Well, ask someone from Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin if he/she agrees with you Wink

  • karelvdh

    The extreme late announcement and registration start of both 2013 versions did cost our team (attending both versions with two/three persons, so five in total) several hundreds of euros/dollars in increased air plane ticket prices. So while date and location for Tech Ed NA is known, date and location for Europe should follow asap for planning purposes, and registration should start in december at the latest.

  • Fredrik​Nilsson

    Somewhere in the Nordics would be awesome

  • Marco_S

    I don't mind were it is. but don't wait for February to announce it.

  • mikecrawfor​d71

    Hmm, cat out of the bag?

     Aww, page not found now. It did say Amsterdam June and I think 24-27...

  • DBegley

    @mikecrawford71: The page that you saw was not accurate and we asked that it be removed. I encourage you to subscribe to the TechEd Europe newsletter  to be the first to know of event updates.

  • KMeuleman

    I agree. The late announcement of the Tech-Ed Europe makes flights unnecessary expensive. I started to go to the US event for this reason. I did the math and it turned out less expensive !

    But I am not certain that I want to be in Houston's heat in May. Already skipped last year's WPC because of that. Come on Microsoft, don't spoil the fun. Let us know when and where.

  • karelvdh

    @DBegley: No problem that you will use a newsletter to spread the news, but please keep the TENA and TEEU announcements together. I'm delighted that I received mail on October 3 annoucing the opening of registration for TENA on November 5. I hope to receive mail with all details on the EU edition before the month ends. The sooner the better.

  • jpfeiffer

    totally agree with the others before: The sooner, the better. And please not just dates and location. I know a lot of people (including myself) that make the decision on going there or not based on the list of sessions / agenda. If that changes to a certain percentage as the event gets closer, this is acceptable to a certain degree as long as the majority within tracks will stay as planned.

    That would be really helpful.


  • karelvdh

    @jpfeiffer: You can't have it all, I'm afraid. You can't have a data and location as soon as possible and a list of sessions that could only change "to a certain percentage". Did TechEd ever had a year in the last decade where there was not abundance of interesting topics and sessions? I still hope to have a TEEU data and location in the next two weeks so that when TENA registration starts, we can check calendars and plan attendance for TENA and TEEU in the organization. (Even New Zealand already posts a date for their 2014 conference in September.)

  • marcusrobin​son

    Any news on TechEd Europe location? If the NA location can be released, why not Europe? If its not going to be on then let us know so we can take advantage of the NA early bird. If it is on, let us know where so we can take advantage of cheaper hotels and flights!!

  • Marco_S

    I bet they are not gonna tell us before the early bird price of TENA are gone (January 1, 2014). This way we can not make a real choice between TEEU en TENA and they can control where the people who want the early bird price will go to.  

  • Rickatron

    Hey @DBegley - what's up? It really should be announced by now - at least a save the date?

  • TomFloor

    I agree, any information about TEEU would be greatly appreciated.

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