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What would YOU like to see in the Countdown to TechEd Europe?

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    Hey gang,

    Rick and I are once again going to do our best to give you the information you need prior to TechEd Europe and we'd LOVE to hear what you are interested in seeing. Let us know! We are all ears (and hat).

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    Whats the bag like? hehe

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    What will the main themes be? Similar to last year (Hybrid Cloud, BI, etc)?

    Country Drinks?

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    If I would like to use a Surface Pro 3 at TechEd, will I be able to buy one there or is it wise to buy one in advance? Will there be a Microsoft Store? Will they have Surfaces in all sizes and languages on stock? What else will they have on stock? Will I have time to buy a Surface at TechEd? Might there be a discount on stuff bought at TechEd?


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    Good eateries, party information, some of the TechEd 101 content, how to stay safe on the streets of Barcelona!

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    Will be metro pass provided for free (5day) or we could buy it with discount at TechEd?

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    Generally I'd like to see more developer content at TechEd. Especially I'd appreciate more architecture related tracks. A good start for me is the Pre-Con seminar PRC11 (Architecting .NET Solutions w/ Domain Driven Design approach) which i'm going to attend to. I'd be very happy to see more tracks on this topic or similar topics. Another great topic for me and my colleagues is "Event Driven Application Design". And last but not least: anything from Dustin Campbell would be great :)

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    I am especially interested in Windows Phone Apps, Windows Store Apps, Azure and IoT.

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    Besides a video of Rick and you participating in the La Tomatina in Buñol end of August, I think many of us will be curious to know what the impact will be of the announced Unified Microsoft Commercial Technology Conference in 2015 on the European calendar. Will this year's Tech Ed Europe be the last one? Just one in the row? Or will next year bring some new accents in Europe too?

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