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Where to eat in Madrid

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    I have only one suggestion for where to go and eat:

    Asador de Donostiarra
    It is probbly not the cheapest place, but it is all worth. And don't be surprised if you meet a player from Real Madrid or other celebrety.


    Any locals with suggestions ?

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    The Microsoft Spain office provided a great recommendation for Japanese/Spanish fusion while I was there for meetings in February. Check out the Kabuki Restaurant at the Hotel Wellington.  It is a little expensive, but if you like sushi, and don't eat a lot of it, it is amazing! It was awarded a Michelín star in 2009. 

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    Being on the road lately - I have to confess I am in love with TripAdvisor (app for windows phone and other platforms). Plug in your city, crowdsource recommendations for restaurants, hotels, things to do and more.

    Whenever I am wheels down in a new city - OUT comes the app.


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    What typical of Madrid are the bars and restaurants in the downtown area. Location Sol, Plaza Santa Ana, ... Spanish food is the best we have. A widespread custom in Madrid is to "Cañas" is to go between 13:00 and 15:00 in the bars in the center of Madrid to drink beer. Here it is customary to have a beer and you put a small plate of typicalfood small.

    From Madrid: Cesar Peinado

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    I like this custom, shame the agenda doesnt have a 2 hour gap for lunch.  Does it?! Wink

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    @Duelund, @cesarpv89, @jabbasoft @RicksterCDN:Here's some more updates I pulled from our latest blog post of things to see and do in Madrid:

    When in Spain, you eat tapas! By reputation, the most outstanding areas for tapas are in the old town, such as Sol, La Latina, Plaza de Santa Ana Square, Cava Baja and Cava Alta, and Plaza Mayor Square.

    If you're looking for a traditional Spanish experience, Madrid is packed with old-world restaurants and bars where you can experience history while you enjoy great food! Visit the oldest restaurant in the world, Casa Botín, founded in 1725 and located in Cuchilleros Street, near Plaza Mayor.

    We would be remiss if we didn't mention the many Madrid restaurants that boast Michelin stars: Santceloni, La Terraza del Casino, Sergi Arola, Ramón Freixa Madrid, Diverxo, El Club Allard, Zalacaín, Kabuki and Kabuki Wellington.

    Take in the Paseo de la Gastronomía (Gastronomy Route). This is a large area at the Casa de Campo Exhibition Centre. The Casa de Campo is Madrid's largest green area, with ten restaurants situated in buildings that are replicas of Spain's traditional, emblematic regional architecture. Here you can enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine, as well as typical dishes from Galicia, Asturias and the Basque Country, surrounded by gardens. Join us at the Casa De Campo for Country Drinks on Wednesday, 26 June from 20:00-23:00!

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    @DBegley: There is a place called "Lateral" at Plaza de Santa Ana that's awesome. And, if you are into beer, there is a pub in that same plaza where each table gets their own draft taps Smiley

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