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Wifi at TechEd Events

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    I allready went to many Computer Events ...

    WiFi was allways a problem at TechEd Europe events.

    Make from the WiFi a real marketing point, to show that with windows servers and some really great hardware, you can have a wifi covering all the event, all the time.

    What do you think about this?


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    Deactivated User

    In previous trips to TechEd NA, Wifi has always been OK, never had a problem to connect.


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    Ambionix Yes!  We're doing everything we can to make the WiFi experience a good one at TechEd Europe 2013. 

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    I try and get a local pre paid SIM card.

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    Another point about wifi is the capacity of the "official" hotels of the conference! At evening this is always a problem. My opinion is that the Teched organization should check the capacity upfront before setting a hotel on the list of "official" hotels. Anyway.. never to late to do this now for the hotels of Teched Europe

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    @pvkerc:Really? You're holding the TechEd organization responsible for the lack of WiFi capacity of hotels they're listing?

    Unless Microsoft owns these hotels, they have nothing to say about it and you should be lucky to get an hotel with WiFi access at all! You should be glad the organization lists hotels so you won't have to search for them yourself... 

    Here's a better idea, leave your hotel and go see Madrid in the evening. Much better than staring at your device (what you've doing long enough after a day of TechEd, unless you're not doing any labs ofcourse)

    Big Smile


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    @BlueThunder +1

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    LOL @ BlueThunder Wink

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