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Wireless connection is terribly bad at TechEd Europe 2013

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    Unfortunately, wireless is no good at all. I was not able to connect to any band (2.4 or 5) and even if i connect there is no browsing at all. The only time that i was able to connect was after 4 pm when it is less crowded.
    Come on Microsoft this is really not acceptable at all. I have attended the VMworld on Barcelona last year and the number of attendees were almost the same as TechEd if not more and i never came accross any issue on the wireless. The connection was so good and the speed was awaful as i was calling my frinds and family through Face Time almost any time on the day without any issue. The organizers were using their own Internet and were not depending on the built in wireless provided by the convention center (Kubi Network). I noticed also that they were using relatively big Cisco wireless APs installed on metal stands.

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    It's not great.  but I couldn't even get a spotify stream at my hotel...

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    I must be lucky or just in the right spots, but the only time I've had wireless troubles is in the tech-expo centre, otherwise very happy with the 5ghz connection,

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    Hilton hotel, wifi awful, Teched, wifi awful unless you're lucky enough to have a device that works on 5GHz.

    Best wifi anywhere so far.... On the bus!  EMT Madrid, you're great Smiley

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    Yep same here attended VMworld in Barcelona last year as well there the wifi just worked completely perfect with around same ammount of attendees.

    Here at TechEd it was completely unusable on both my phone/tablet on both bands the two first days, and when it finnaly worked you get dropped non stop when sitting in a session.

    Shame this was not placed in a diffrent country where people outside the hotel/teched actually understands even just a tiny bit of english, so you could buy some prepaid mobile broadband and use that, but imposible when no one understands english.

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    Microsoft sucked at getting up a good WLAN at every event, as far as I know. Have been to Teched Berlin and it sucked big time, and it still sucks here. Lame!

    Don't blame the IFEMA, Microsoft should be able to get that right!


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