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Food at the conference 1 by weeyin by slemmesmi
Ready for the best party of TechEd on Sunday evening? Thx to @thycotic, @visionsolutions, @techedyellowpantsteam 0 by PDetender by PDetender
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HOT Opening in the Netherlands for a Virtualization Admin 0 by KarlozH1977 by KarlozH1977
MCT Day Zero + BCN Tour + Dinner / registration is open Monday OCT 27TH 1 by HermanArnedo by HermanArnedo
TechEd Europe 2014: Developer Platform and Tools 1 by DBegley by CharlesMonk
Info on the Venue 2 by mrjamie by DBegley
Emailing teched registrations 5 by joemcgrath by DBegley
Road cycling in Barcelona 1 by markusitm by FredrikNilsson
Any experience on TLG / Lab Support for Tech Ed 1 by Vidyarat by Dlghka
TechEd Europe 2014: Trustworthy Computing 1 by DBegley by rfalken
Staffing 4 by guidovbrakel by Vidyarat
Creating a Personalised Content Schedule 2 by chrisj59 by FredrikNilsson
When will it be possible to book the sessions? 4 by zemitch by Duelund
Looking forward to it 1 by jabbasoft by Donovan
TechEd Europe 2014: CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Next Roles, Next Skills, and Staying Relevant in an Evolving IT World 0 by DBegley by DBegley