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Any CrossFitters or runners?

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  • JasonMD

    To follow up on the FitBit thread - I'm staying at the JW, and I know there's a couple good CrossFit boxes in NOLA, but taking a cab every day can get pricey.  If anyone's looking to share a cab for an early class, I'd be interested in hooking up.

    Further, if anyone would be interested in a running partner, I'd be interested in doing 3-7 miles a few times, at probably an 8:30-9:30 min/mile pace, depending on the distance.

  • Stefane

    I will take you up on the running offer. I'm thinking an early morning run would work best time wise and weather wise. I'm not sure I want to run 3-7 miles it the 90°+ heat of New Orleans. Let me know if that works for you. You can send me an email slavergne(at) or drop by the Devolutions Inc.booth (#723) during TechExpo hours.

  • adazlian

    I'll let you know closer to the event, suffered a calf tear training for a half marathon a few weeks ago and then re-tore it trying to come back too quickly but it's possible I'll be healed in time! Might not be up for 7 miles, but hopefully 3 =)

  • JasonMD

    Sounds good.  Stefane, I've emailed you.

  • joshmaher

    Hey there - love to join for a run if you guys are up for it I'll be there Tue-Fri mornings.

  • Stefane

    @joshmaher:you can send me an email at slavergne(at) so we can keep you posted

    Everyone is welcome to join us; we will be posting our run schedule here during the week

  • adazlian

    My darn Calf still isn't healed, but have fun running everyone!

  • MikeBergin

    I am not a seasoned runner. What distance do you think an average run will be? I haven't run more than 4 miles up here. Not sure how well i will do in the muggy LA heat!

  • Stefane

    Early morning runs are most likely to be in the 3 mile (5km) range due to time constraints, if we run in the evening then 7 miles would be feasible.

  • MikeBergin

    OH boy.. ok, will try to keep up!!!


  • gminks

    I'm not a runner, but I walk every day - would love to find the level down from y'all Wink

  • Magnusi

    Sound's great! I'd like to join you to a box a couple mornings and maybe also some runs. I stay at the Windsor Court hotel three blocks away from JW so it's just a six minutes walk.  I arrive on Friday evening and stay until Saturday morning after the conference.

    7 miles and pace for running sounds ok.

    I'm also thinking of a longer run from the hotel, around the park and back again Saturday morning this week but I'll see how I feel after the flight etc. Smiley

    You can reach me at magnus00 at gmail .com to set thing up.

  • Kirsty

    Hi, I would like to go for a run but would have to join when you guys do a 3mile(ish) one, Recovering from a damaged patellar tendon and 3mile is the furthest I've tried so far.

    I arrive Friday evening staying at the Riverside email is kirst2k at Smiley

  • JasonMD

    Magnus, I just shot you an email.  I'll be dropping in at CrossFit 504, sister box to CrossFit NOLA.  It's a solid box, with good coaching.



  • JasonMD

    I'm going to gather up all of these addresses here shortly to have a group email blast re: running.

  • ITGuy11

    I'd also be up for running a few of the mornings.  I am staying at the Astor Crown Plaza svillaire at romaneng dot com

  • votequimby

    I'm interested in the running group, add me to the list, thanks!

    mattwiersema at gmail dot com

  • mdobay

    @JasonMD: Also would be interested in doing some running. marc.dobay at gmail dot com



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