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Any chance of a complimentary TechNet subscription like last year?

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  • Patrick​Dunlap

    Google gives away a $1,500 Pixel to attendees of Google I/O.  The three day con cost $900.  

  • CAReed

    After reading more about the Pixel giveaway, it appears that you had to endure the three-hour keynote to get one.

  • KevinMet

    I'll sit through a keynote session for a Pixel or Surface!

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    @CAReed: Ha, the con is full of Google fans, just like many who come to TechEd are Microsoft fans.  Most WANT to sit through that keynote.  That is were the new stuff is first mentioned.

    I will sit though any length of keynote if it is interesting and informative.

  • kmcferrin

    Indeed.  I always sit through the keynote at any conference.  If there's going to be a big "WOW" announcement, that's where it would be.

    Even if you don't like sitting through keynote presentations, it's only 3 hours.  As long as you've got at least that much battery life left in your smartphone/tablet/laptop, you can find all kinds of ways to kill time. Smiley

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    Ha, the WiFi in the room during keynotes are typically rather bad, same with phone as they get overloaded with thousands of others trying to tweet the speech and upload photos, etc.  Might want to bring something loaded locally just in case.

  • walterh

    @patrickbdunlap: I have been attending TechEd since 2006 so know what the conference is all about and the type of content being offered. In the past when it was teched or pdc , it seemed teched was focused on what I can do today and pdc was more future based. So teched offered me the better choice to bring back content that I could put into use right away. 

    Since build started I have thought about it but still looking at content I still believe I get the more relevant content out of teched. As I can do all the techie dev stuff but still find out about other tools I my need like system center. 

    The other thing is build sells out so fast and getting approval from my company takes time so not confident that everything would align with my companies approval process. 

    In the end I go to the conference for the content and the networking not the freebies, although some recogniton from MS would be nice, and I have always been happy with what teched has to offer

  • TonySwe

    As this is my first attendance, I can't really complain. However, a complimentary TechNet subscription would have been really nice to have since I do a lot of lab-work when I educate myself and try out different customer scenarios. The trial editions can be sufficient and I'd like to see this great freebee replaced by something even more awesome. So bring it, MS Smiley

  • worldramp

    I would be very disappointed if Microsoft did that.

  • chrsrbnsn

    Where was this confirmed?

    The TechNet subscription believe it or not, is a huge value add in justifying conference attendance.

  • Shawnlo

    I saw this confirmed on twitter, it won't let me post the link to the tweet here as it says it is spam.  If you look at the @Teched_NA twitter feed scroll to May 14th you will see the following tweet,

     @rodtrent Hey Rod, have you heard if they are or aren't including a Technet Subscription with this year's @teched_NA conference admission?

    TechEd NorthAmerica TechEd NorthAmerica ‏@TechEd_NA 14 May

    @kgraham648 Hey Kyle, we won't be providing TechNet subscriptions this year.


    (Not sure if that counts as confirmed, nevertheless it is the official North America twitter feed from what I understand)

  • chrsrbnsn

    @Shawnlo:Thanks...that's a huge let-down.

  • kmcferrin

    It's a bit of a let-down, but they are offering us Surface RT and Surface Pro devices at a very deep discount.  So that makes up for it (IMO).

  • chrissyG

    They heard all of our whining and made up for it  Smiley  I don't know how many computers I need but I sure want a Surface Pro!

  • Conine

    I can't freakin believe there's no Technet subscription.  I'd been lax about getting what I needed figuring I was covered since I was attending again this year.  What an epic letdown.  That was a huge help in justifying attendance to the company. 

  • chrissyG

    Actually MS is getting rid of TechNet altogether, even for purchase.  Guess that's why we didn't get one.  

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