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View Thread: Any guesses on location for Tech Ed 2014?
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    I look forward to attending TechEd every year - lots of good sessions!

    Always interested in where the next years will be.

    This is my 20th!  I missed the first one in Orlando, but have been to every one since.

    Orlando wins for hosting the most - 7 (93, 97, 00, 05, 07, 08, 12)

    New Orleans is second at 6 (94, 95, 98, 02, 10, 13)

    LA - twice (96, 09)

    Dallas - twice (99, 03)

    Atlanta - twice (01, 11)

    San Diego - 04

    Boston - 06

    Interesting to see how it has changed over the years - anyone remember the first couple years where you got the "Telephone books" with the PowerPoint's from ALL the sessions printed out!

    A variety of bag styles over the years.

    It was interesting to walk by the "museum" at the 20th anniversary last year - looked a lot like my closet with all the old bags and conference t shirts - LOL.

    IMO one of the best additions was the hands on labs area.

    Quality of food varies - but I believe that is more on the hosting facility.

    One thing is always constant - lots of walking!