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    FYI on the TechEd backpacks. Since Looptworks is a Portland company I'd been in contact with them prior to the event and I gave them feedback concerning the bag quality being poor in the stitching and zippers. They said they take the quality seriously and will replace them if attendees are interested. Here's their email:

    Hi Mike,

    First off, thank you for your continued support and feedback from the event last week. Your comments on the bag are consistent with some of the things we've heard from our contacts at the event. So that you are aware, we take the quality of our bags very seriously, especially because we feel that the most environmentally sound bag is one that is sturdy and lasts a lifetime. We took many steps in order to affirm the quality of the TENA bag, prior to the bags shipment. We performed an independent quality control check with an internationally recognized testing organization and by our request they tested 3 times the required amount. With the tested samples, only one zipper failure was detected, and overall the bags passed inspection. We are shocked and surprised with the news of the bag quality.

    Moving forward, we would like you and all other attendees to know that if you have received a defective bag, we would like to replace it (free of charge) with a new bag. We are offering our Kasum Backpack in replacement:

    We can field these inquiries via phone or email.
    (503) 972-0168

    Again, thank you Mike. We hope to be as pro-active with this situation as possible. Please let us know which color Kasum you'd like us to send your way.

    Warm Regards,