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CH 9 Events app

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  • MikeBergin

    So, After watching the last countdown to TechEd video they mentioned the CH 9 Events app for windows 8 in the app store... I can't find it.... Anyone have any luck?

  • CharlesPluta
  • MikeBergin

    That is it but I thought they said there was a win8 specific version?


  • groetman

    Still no iPhone/iPad app available.  Perplexed

  • Derricknp
  • Patrick​Dunlap

    So basically this is just a pointer tile that launches EventBoard, or am I missing something.  I already had EventBoard installed and now the Ch9 tile launches it.

  • jsnow

    @Patrick you may need to remove the previous version.  I did not have it installed, followed the link and went right to the store and got the CH 9 Events app.

  • Shawnlo

    I installed the App, lynced it with my schedule, so far it looks like it will work for me (IOS).  (Actually came in very handy, was out at the lake in a no service area and had some time to relax and go through and really read all the session information.)  Only thing I would really like to see is a map!  I may have read somewhere that maps would be added shortly don't recall or mayabe that was just a map for the expo area.

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    The Ch9 app IS basically EventBoard, even the settings require you to login to EventBoard.  I logged into there and now I got my agenda.

    IDK, still was expecting a bit more from, you know, a multi-billion dollar tech company, esp. for their Microsoft app.  Yeah, this will sorta work.  But no dynamic interactions, RSS or Twitter feeds, no live con floor maps with live event details, no video feeds, no updates on things like food or other information, etc and so on.  Just a flat list of sessions and a short news blog that I could have printed out on a PDF.

    Kinda the same thing with using Ch9 as the con site.  I like Ch9, they create great content, but it was/is not build to handle things like creating groups, networking with peeps and searching attendees, etc.

    Maybe my expectations are too high for Microsoft?  Should I just lower them? What do you guys think?  Seriously, maybe I am just expecting too much.

  • DBegley

    @Patrickbdunlap Please see responses that on the Ch9 App Blog that @Duncanma from Ch9 and @msdugan18 have been making re: this year's conference app. I'd recommend that if you have any additional comments to make it on that particular post there.

    @Shawnlo The map is coming soon. There were some adjustments to the map recently and we wanted to hand off the final map to everyone at the same time. I will post when it has been added.

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    Well OK, that makes sense, ignore my rant, I'm a dunce.

    Basically they wanted to easily port the agenda across all mobile platforms in the shortest amount of time.  It also makes sense in that it can be notoriously hard to get a app though Apple app store in a timely fashion. 

    Ha, after a 365, SharePoint implementation, SEP & IE, CM update, and now a MDM project in the last year, maybe I just need a break as I have been on a rant spree all month.  When I get to New Orleans, someone buy me a drink!

  • groetman

    I will buy you a drink and pick your brain on moving my exchange/sharepoint environment to 365.

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    Ha, here's a suggestion, don't use News Gator in your SharePoint.  O_o   Of course that was implemented before MS bought Yammer so now were so customized, its a mess.

    Right now we are in the process of updating our IE to 9 (could not do 10 due to our Juniper being out of date even though 11 might be out with 8.1 next month) so that we can update 365 to 2013.  Well as you might know, XP can't run 9, so now we're buying few $100K worth of new client hardware and getting them to Win7 so they can run IE9 so we can update to 365 2013.

    And that does not even include the Lync implementation. I'm bringing some Michigan micro brews down to share, your welcome to one if I see you at TheKrewe parties.

  • groetman

    I will be at both Krewe parties and I am brings some fine local Philly craft beers with me.
    We a still trying to figure out a time and place to have a bottle sharing event.

    Keep you eye on The Krewe of Teched facebook page for more details.


  • MikeBergin

    Hey Glen! Where in/near Philly are you? What beers do you like from Philly area? I am in Delco.

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    I'm personally bringing my favorite local Grand Rapids, MI micro brew; Founders Poet oatmeal stout.  I like a dark, creamy beer with a good head and some carmel after tastes. Looking forward to trying some others around the country.  Lived in Germany for my formative drinking years while in the Army and picked up a taste for wheat beers as well.

  • StevLaw

    What am I missing? I downloaded the TechED 2013 app for my Android and can not find a way to link it to my online agenda. Any help would be appreciated

  • MikeRigsby

    @StevLaw once you install the Android app, log in and link your Ch9 account, then log out of the app. When you log back into the app your agenda should be linked.

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