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Channel9 App to help kids learn to program faster - now freeware

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    I wanted to learn c# better and really loved Bob's training series, but I hate learning from a web page, I like hands-on learning better, so I asked the folks at channel 9, I could add their content to our SofTutor (Software Tutor) video learning management system and share it with others.   Then my friends told me to add more content. 

    If you're looking for a different way to learn channel 9 content feel free to use SofTutor.  So far I've added 58 titles 600+ videos, 1500 indexes and about 200 hours of training.  I'm hoping kids in schools start developing apps at an earlier age.  2.6 mb download for windows 7 or windows 8 only.  All of the videos are still on channel9 their just playing inside of softutor which plays inside of visual studio or other program which makes it easier for me to learn and maybe you too!

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    Nice, I sure going to have a look at it, thanks for sharing Smiley

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    @rhilgers:Looks good. Thanks for sharing.

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