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View Thread: Check out this TechEd North America 2013 video from New Orleans: The who, what, why and The Krewe
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    My first time attending and it was an eye opener.  I'll never miss one again even if I pay out of my own pocket.  I paid hotel and travel, my company covered the fee. 

    The Microsoft speakers and floor crew leaders - I'm in love.  Thank you for being so available, so willing to share and teach and ..well... you guys are all wonderful.  Love you to pieces!  No body better talk smack about any of you around me!

    The bus drivers and the redshirt at my hotel (FourPoints Sheraton) were nothing short of wonderful and helpful. 

    The opportunity to do something for the Katrina victims was great and I hope we get these opportunities to help wherever TechEd America takes place. 

    It's a lot like trying to sip from a firehose but thankful for the recorded sessions.  Great for reiew and watchinh sessions  you couldn't get to.  I found a lot of answers talking to other attendees.


    Not all the sessions have media available.  Any plans to plug the holes or maybe some direction on requesting particualr ones?


    The redshirts at the center - no clue where anything was, primarily clustered and talked and played on their phones or flat out misdirected.  The ones outside managing busses were clueless.  Nary a service or people skill in sight.  The help desk in the lobby - more clueless than a first timer. 

    The snacks between session - I was told by TechEd alumni that I could expect a huge array of goodies.  Not so.  There was popcorn (in one area) pretzel mix and fresh fruit.  Drink refrigerators but the drinks weren't being stocked quickly enough so most of the time you ended up with lukewarm.  The food was OK, mostly fired, sauced or creamed, which is OK but maybe a choice of something grilled or a steamed vegetable.  There was a rockin' pastry chef back in the kitchen, had to be.