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Exam Prep Sessions

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    Regarding the certification exam prep sessions, how do these work?   Are they predetermined and scheduled just like the other sessions during the conference or are they based on interest and participation from attendees?

    I'm looking at potentially taking one or two exams and would preferably like to knock them out earlier in the conference.  Just looking for insight on topics, format, availability and scheduling.


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    The exam prep sessions ahs been listed in the content catalog previous conferences. This are the preps that were presented 2013,

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    @drjenki: Exam prep sessions are listed in the content catalog, so you can plan for them just as you would any other session. So add them to your schedule and pre-register for the exams to ensure you knock them out early in the week! :)

    P.S. See you at the MCP party on Monday?

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    So the MCP party is Monday?  Not Wednesday like the show mentioned?

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    Whoops, just read the other thread and I already have the answer!

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