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First timer with a question

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    @nothatsyou: If someone gave me one I would not turn it down. I'm all for free crap. Free is good.

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    @ShaneW:Yup yup...I'm not above free stuff. 

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    They key for me is that I have to have a device I can use to RDP back to work in case something needs fixing during the day. It doesn't happen very often, but I have had to duck out of a session before to fix something back home. I brought my Surface Pro with me to MMS this week and it worked out great aside from the battery life. I was able to get a charge at some point during the day, so I was never completely dead. If MetroTwit wasn't such a dog on RT, I'd bring that instead.

    If all someone has is a traditional laptop, I'd definitely leave that at the hotel. Just not worth lugging around. 

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