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Future Location / Different Dates

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    One of the big reasons I attend TechEd is to see new places in NA.  Would it be nice if Microsoft looked to the community each year for some suggestions for locations?  I'd love to head off to Boston, Chicago, Toronto, heck even Redmond.  Sure its been at some of these places before, but its time to return.  BUILD at Redmond was one of my favorite, simply because of the setting.


    Would the conference also be better at a different time of year?  I struggle to leave my job at the current schedule due to conflicts with IBM, and HP's big conferences.  I can't leave work for 3 weeks in a row for conferences!

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    @neoen35: Thank you for the post and your feedback. There are many considerations when putting on a large event. We're constantly taking many factors into consideration and will be letting you know via the forums and the TechEd Insiders newsletter and Build Mailing List on any updates we have for future events.

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    Actually, it would be awesome to see TechEd in a more centralized location like Indianapolis.  They have a great city that has plenty of capacity for putting on a huge event such as this.  They had Star Wars Celebrations 2 & 3 in downtown indy and it was amazing!!!  Nice clean city, with many conveniences.

    And no, i don't live in Indy... I'm actually from Cleveland Ohio.   (We'll never have anything nice like TechEd here.. )

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    one more vote for Indy..

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    Another vote for Indy.

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    I grew up in Indy and have family in Indy, so I can definitely save some money if you hold a TechEd there.  That being said, Indy is boring compared to some of the places that it's been held before.  Of course that may just be my "been there, done that" bias.

    I'd love to go back to Seattle for TechEd, but Toronto has a lot of appeal as well.  Heck, I'd even love to go back to New Orleans again.

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    I wouldn't it going to Vegas like MMS.  The facilities are very sponsor/vendor friendly, and you have everything you need at your fingertips.  I don't think the attendees mind either ;)


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    It would be cool if Microsoft let the IT Pros vote!  Chicago, Vegas or Redmond would be my choice for 15.  

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    I hitup GenCon in Indy every year - that city really knows how to cater to large conferences.

    Consider this another vote in there favor (from another Cleveland-ite!).

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    I liked MMS where the conference and hotel were in the same location. Probably couldn't house all TechEd attendees in one hotel, but rumor has it (wikipedia) that 15 of the 25 largest hotels in the world are in Las Vegas. I think that if TechEd was held at the MGM (second largest hotel on the planet), the other hotels on that corner could carry the load (Excalibur, NewYork/NewYork and Tropicana).


    P.S. I've been to Indianapolis a few times, it is nice, but I wouldn't call it centralized (That's more like Kansas.)

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    I'm shocked to see so many votes for Indy! As someone who lives in Indy I wouldn't mind it being here, but I do enjoy visiting new cities... overall we do kick some arse with hosting large groups. My vote would be to have TechEd in Seattle or Vegas, I wouldn't mind going back to Atlanta either.

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