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Hands on lab question

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    Just registered and put together my schedule. Can someone explain the hands-on labs? They all show up at the bottom of my schedule builder and have no time/date. Are they setup all week? How many times can you go through?

    Also, got put on "waiting list" for several powershell classes. Does this mean that I should look at other options during that timeslot?

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    The hands on labs have a dedicated area that is basically first come first served walk up and use

    Lots and lots of PCs arranged by track with the labs all set up to use.

    Open "Show hours", normally including Sunday which can be a nice quiet time to have a play.

    You can use at any time if you can get a seat, if not go look around the expo or take a session and then try again later.


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    @blang008:multiple entries in your slots are good, even if they are for ILLs.  I hear that we will be opening up more spots in various ILLs closer to May, once we get a gage on interest so we can adjust capacity.

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    blangston just have multiple sessions on those time slots where I am on the waitlist for one? Then, if it opens up, I can make a choice but if not I have a fallback?

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    Rick,  Last year the labs were hosted in Azure for the first time I believe (instead of an on-prem fish bowl server room to show off some beffy HP cloud running the labs) .    Wasn't there some capacity issues they had to overcome?  I know people were being turned away for some reason when the labs were only half full.   I walked up seeing most of machines open and was told to come back later at one point because of technical issues mid week.      This being addressed in the 2014 HOL setup?


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    Rick, so if an ILL is 'Green' in my schedule, i am good? I kept looking for a real registration for those...

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