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Hey Rick and Joey! Some MMS Reassurance?

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    Several of my co-workers have been past Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) attendees.  Now that MMS has rolled-into TechEd, some feel that the MMS content may get diluted and overshadowed by the rest of TechEd.  Since we haven't seen content sign-ups yet, can you reassure us that there will still be plenty of MMS/System Center content?  How about addressing this again on the Countdown Show?

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    @KoreBreach:That is a great idea for an upcoming show!

    Joey and I were actually helping out in the "master scheduling meeting" covering all of the content for TechEd yesterday when you posted this. Content and scheduling details will be posted "soon" so everyone can see what's available to attendees of TechEd.

    I can say there has been a concerted effort to ensure good coverage for management technologies and the "style" of content which will be familiar to MMS alumni. We're not just talking about traditional breakout sessions either - Wally's Instructor Led Labs (ILLs), panel discussions and more are planned during TechEd. Brad Anderson talked about some of these in his post announcing his keynote participation.

    Stay tuned for an upcoming show on content and schedule builder.

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    I was wondering since TechEd and MMS are being combined into one event.  Do former MMS attendees get Alumni status.

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    The main comment I've heard from coworkers who used to go to MMS about TechEd is that the MMS events were run by different team in MS that was technical focused.    Where the TechEd events are run by the marketing team?  There any validity to these statements?

    They have reservations that TechEd is just a week long infomercial and lacks any deep substance (which I know is not true), but having never been to MMS, I have no idea how different the sessions or content was between the two.

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    If you check the speaker list, you'll see all of the familiar faces from MMS... :)

    And if you check last year's MMS session catalog, you'll see a lot of content that suggests good coverage at TechEd

    -=- mf

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    Content for either event comes from a variety of sources, including product team/Engineering, technical marketing group and community members. The group that produced MMS is very much involved in the content curation / selection. You might know Ali - she was the event owner for MMS and is now a content owner at TechEd on a number of tracks, including PCIT / Datacenter / Azure and more.  On those tracks - there are stakeholders who vet the content technically.  Joey and I were stakeholders for Datacenter and we worked with Ali and team to produce the Datacenter track. We have allocation of slots to fill to make up the catalogue. 

    To be transparent - content and sessions that were made up for ALL events are created, refined and reused where appropriate. You won't see the exact same sessions on a topic delivered the same way by the same presenter at different conferences. We are constantly evolving and improving the content for each delivery.  MMS content ends up in TechEd. TechEd content ended up in MMS. Same applies for Build or SharePoint or MEC. The content also ends up in 3rd party conferences where we speak. If you see Wally speak at MMS for an ILL - you'll see him deliver something similar at TechEd.

    As for who runs either conference: MMS organizers hold key positions on the core TechEd team. The "executive sponsor" for MMS (CVP Brad Anderson) is a two time keynoter for TechEd and very much involved and invested. The events team that produces TechEd sits in my organization (Business Development and Evangelism) at Microsoft - same org as CH9.

    @mfifer: thanks for the shout out on the speakers. You are correct - LOTs of familiar faces

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    I appreciate the reply!  Gives me some good items to reference back on when I hear the loyal MMS'rs bashing on TechEd as if it was a red headed step child :)  (not that there is anything wrong with red headed step children :))

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