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How little can I bring to TechEd???

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    I always try to pack with as little as possible, but I think that TechEd might provide an opportunity to bring almost nothing on the airplane.

    What are you bringing???



    • Surface
    • Phone (or just buy a cheep from from Net10) since my Canadian provider chargers so much for roaming?

    Clothing etc

    • Wear pants, T-shirt, light jacket dark cumphy shoes
    • Undies and socks
    • 1 Nice shirt
    • 1 pair of of zip-off of pants
    • Toothbush, etc


    • Very small carry-on


    Free Items at TechEd to round out the week

    • Nice Laptop bag
    • 5 T-Shirts
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    I like this.  My list is pretty much like this, with some idiosyncratic additions, such as:

    - Power strip for use in sessions

    - Moleskin to prevent blisters

    - Notebook and peripherals

    - Luggage scale

    - Reading material

    - Decent laptop bag, 'cuz the jury's out on how robust the conference bag is

    - One collar shirt, and a couple of t-shirts; the rest of your wardrobe you can quickly score at the conference.

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    Great idea on the moleskins!!!

    I've never had a bad conference bag from TechEd, bad parties, bad presentations, bad food, sure, but never a bad bag!



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    I actually have a request from the company that made this year's TechEd bag for some feedback from folks. They're based in my area so I hit them up to let them know I was attending so they asked for me to get opinions from attendees on the bags.

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    Can these bags already be filled with Surfaces ? Smiley

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    , bodziec wrote

    Can these bags already be filled with Surfaces ? Smiley

    I second!

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    Just remember, you'll get a ton of new t-shirt

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    @mikerigsby I always have opinions about the bags.  Let me score mine and I'll share some feedback.

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    My son waits each year to see what the bag is so he can take it for school.  Of course he expects me to leave all the goodies in it for him also.....

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    Last year bag was the first I've been able to use on a daily basis after the conference. Out of 8 MEC/TechEds every other one has ripped at the handle, shoulder straps or some other seam. I'm glad to see them using the same bag manufacturer as last year.

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