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    I wasn't that impressed with the party.  I left after being there for about an hour... although, I was pretty tired by that part in the week.  I tried to get as much out of TechEd as possible, and was always the first one on the shuttle to get to the conference center, and one of the last ones to leave.  I just enjoyed all the bennefits of getting other people's opinions on technology, thoughts on the future (with BYOD and Cloud Techs), and tried to soak up every minute.  It was my first TechEd, and maybe my last since our company is letting one member of the team go... and there are 5 of us.  It was amazing, but I couldn't burn a full week of vacation time plus pay for it on my own.  (I figure it was around $3,000 after flight, hotel, and ticket)  So being things as they were, I tried to soak up and enjoy every bit of the week that I could.  When it came to the "after party"... after hearing how great it was in Florida last year, my expectations were high and I was completely let down.  I guess if you were a fan of the Saints, Drew being there throwing footballs would be cool, but I'm not a fan of the Saints.  I left early and am glad I did.  Due to the tropical storm that rolled in, my flights were delayed and I had a LONG day of travel.  I'm glad I was well rested for it.  So, if you didn't go to the after party, I would say you didn't miss all that much.