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    I was stunned when I walked in at 7:30 and saw the vast crowd there.  Huge turnout!  The first "musical" I saw looked guy a rapper in a chicken suit, and there were too many drums, but the tuneage was overall manageable.  The food was enjoyable, very American style cuisine, with enough locations that there weren't long lines for anything.  Some football guy was throwing passes; our geekly colleagues leaped for these with varying degrees of success.  There were numerous more air-conditioned alcoves with drinks, and their own small attractions; I came across a handwriting analyst in one.

      I did not see stay late for the Tina Turner apparition but had a great time.  Unlike other conference parties where people were scattered all over (like Universal) here everyone was in one place, so there was a cozier feeling to it.  Overall, very easygoing, satisfying, and enjoyable.