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I would like to join "thekrewe"

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  • Kenneth​ReynoldsMCT

    I would like to participate in "thekrewe" . . . How do I do that?

  • ShaneW

    Are you on Facebook or Twitter? That's probably the easiest way that I know of.

    I tried to link to them but it wouldn't let me. The Twitter handle for the Krewe is @TheKrewe and the Facebook page is 

  • Kenneth​ReynoldsMCT

    Thanks Shane . . .

    Is that all I need to do is link to them in some way?

  • ShaneW

    Happy to help anyway I can.

    That's really all there is too it, though on Facebook you have to be added to the group.We're just a group of guys and gals in the IT field helping each other out. It has been my experience that the more you get involved, the more you'll get out of it. By involved I mean interacting online and in person. You'll find the Krewe are a great bunch of people willing to help however we can.

  • MikeRigsby

    I'm not really part of TheKrewe but pretty much only by my own choice because I'm not really a 'group' person. I think if I joined I'd drag down their overall intelligence average too much. Tongue Out

    I do, however, have lots of Twitter friends who are in the group and they're very accepting of tech folks. They pretty much include me all the time even if I don't include myself.

    I'd say just start chatting with Michael Bender (@MichaelBender), Jared (@jshoq), more others than I can even name. Easiest is to actually do a Twitter search for the #TheKrewe hashtag and you'll see all of them.

  • Fredrik​Nilsson

    Join us on site in NOLA or via twitter/facebook as,@FMcButter explained. Good times with the #theKrewe to come.

  • mattgrif

    Shameless plug for my blog and what being part of #TheKrewe is like.

  • Fredrik​Nilsson

    Matt its a good post, and a good blog, its the right forum to promote it Smiley

  • MikeRigsby

    A good group to be sure. I just have my own reasons for only following along from the sidelines. You guys are way out of my league so I don't feel it's a group I have any right to be in. I won't even refer to myself as an IT 'Professional'. Novice if I'm anything.

    Plus this upcoming TechEd is my first, and likely only, conference I'll attend, ever, so that qualification also isn't met. Never the less I enjoy the conversation and information I gather from the sidelines so it's a good group of folks to know.

  • mattgrif

    @MikeRigsby: Mike this will be my 3rd TechEd, you will become addicted and find a way there somehow. Even if they aren't consecutive years is normal too, occasionally we have member's who cannot make it but still follow everyone to experience TechEd via a proxy.

    On the topic of being a novice is crazy, I graduated from college just last May so you do not have to be some super duper experienced IT Pro to be a part of #TheKrewe and no one expects that. The only qualification to be part of #TheKrewe is that you want to be part of a community.

  • walterh

    Very well said Matt and a great blog post,

    There are very few of us who can call ours selves an expert in everything and I always have something  new to learn. That is why I attend TechEd, I have been gonig to TechEd since 2006 and have certainly found it to be a great learning experience while I am there and even more so when I leave as I try to put some of it into practice.

    As for #TheKrewe I went to my first meet n greet for TechEd 2010 in New Orleans but did not socialize as much, maybe it was my lack of FaceBook time to know who was who. Last year took more time to get somewhat more involved and met some great people that I would not have met without this community. Any participation you do to expand your network is worth it.  

    Matt look forward to meeting you in the Alumni lounge.

  • adnorton

    I just signed up on Facebook so awaiting approval. This is my 3rd TechEd as well and I love attending each one. There is always something to learn and do.

  • DavidCarr

    being a part of The Krewe is a great experience for me. If you can, sign up for the community event if there are any this year. last year there was habitat for humanity and care packages. I did the care package event. Also come out to the meet n greet and say hi. Get more info at

  • MikeRigsby

    Well, I think I need to just ignore the "I'm not worthy!" thoughts and just dive in if they'll have me.

    I just watch the talk from all theKrewe crew on Twitter and feel like I'm no where's near qualified to be a part of a community of folks who're vastly more skilled in IT than I am. I'd be a 'non-value added' member.

    But then I guess every village needs an idiot. Smiley

  • ChrisW

    While I doubt I can add input from a technology perspective, I'll try my hardest to add to the alcohol consumption side of things!

  • ShaneW

    @MikeRigsby: I learned a long time ago to surround myself with people that are smarter than me. I learn a lot more that way. Everyone's on different levels with different experiences so all are welcome. I think the anyone going to TechEd has what it takes to be in the Krewe. 

  • Scottee25

    @ShaneW:^ +1 Like!

  • Scottee25

    @MikeRigsby:Like Shane said, I too like to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am. If I am the smartest guy in the room, there's a problem. Not that I am not an intelligent individual, but I also know there are much smarter people than I out there. I know that if I don't ask questions and risk looking stupid, then I'll never learn to my fullest potential. This is my first TechEd, and also my first major conference. I have a lot to learn about what goes on during one of these. I want to make sure I am around others that can help ease me into it all Smiley

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