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    Here's the thing and I hope I'm not immediately banned from here for posting this. I'm trolling a bit.

    I am the Network Administrator for an EMS, Electronics Manufacturing Services, provider in Oregon. Basically we build circuit boards for anyone who is our customer. Medical, Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, Test, whatever, and we're damned good at it. Over the years we've built boards for Intel, HP, Motorola, Ericsson, Cray, Infocus, many others. We have a long list of current customers I won't name but many are 'household names' in the tech industry.

    To keep this brief, the company is sending me to TechEd this year for my very first time, and, well, I kind of think I need to do some 'social networking' as much as possible to help justify the trip.

    Every major company has IT people so if you happen to be a 'tech geek' for a Military contractor, Medical device manufacturer, etc., any company that has a high tech product they produce and contracts out its circuit board business, or at least some of it, I'd enjoy meeting up during the convention and hearing about what you do. Maybe pass the required boring business cards and marketing paperwork back and forth and I can justify the conversation with the bosses and we can move on to enjoying the geekfest that is TechEd.

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    Mike, I would recommend you get involved with the TheKrewe. You can follow us on twitter with @TheKrewe or on Facebook at

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    @mattgrif oh believe me, I harass most of #TheKrewe on Twitter already. Smiley

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