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Important Things to Know

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  • mattgrif

    Hello everyone, I figured I'd get the "Unofficial" Important things to know for TechEd thread going.

    1. Follow @TheKrewe or join us on Facebook.
    2. It'll be hot, stay close to convention center and have light cloths.
    3. Wear comfortable shoes - Thanks Walterh
    4. Learn to live on little rest for about 1 week. 
    5. Pack an empty suitcase to bring swag back home in
    6. Bring a power strip, make some friends when you need a charge! - Thanks jshoq

    Please feel free to add additional tips or read my blog posts from previous TechEd's to get an idea of what it'll be like at MattBlogsIT.

  • Harjit

    @mattgrif:It's a good start, Matt. 

  • walterh

    Great advice Matt

    I Have to add wear comfortable shoes you will be doing lots of walking between sessions. 

    Was thinking of staying closer to the conference center , but i am thinking closer to canal this year. can always catch shuttle in morning but its a long walk back from Bourbon street

  • MikeRigsby

    Definitely going to be an experience. I like hot weather but I've never dealt with the level of humidity that area gets so we'll see how I manage.

    Time to follow the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and always know where my towel is. As far as the convention goes, all I've ever attended have been some local release events, like Heroes Happen Here, so I plan to be completely overwhelmed being on my own over there. Should be fun.

  • Fredrik​Nilsson


    Would add watch out for obstacles wile trying to find wifi hot spots. Tongue Out The result can be a blow to the head Smiley

  • Duelund

    Hopefully wifi will be a lot better this year, than last year in Orlando. It really sucked. Most of the time there was no connection.

    We foreigners depends on wifi, since data roaming is not an option.

    In Atlanta 2011 wifi worked perfect, so it is possible. Only problem was "Badge scanning" at locations without wifi.

  • DBegley

    I also have last year's blog post of the top tips for attending TechEd that Brandy posted. I will republish in some format. I'll keep you posted!

  • mfifer

    It's going to be hot.  Plan to just deal.  Walking outside is probably part of the equation too.
    Once you are OK with this, everything else falls into place.  Wink
    I'll dig up my 2012 tips -- they all apply again I'm sure.

    -=- mf

  • Harjit

    @DBegley:Yeah, last year's tips would come in handy.  Same for @mfifer.


  • Shane​Werlinger

    I'm thinking along the lines of Walter as far as where I'm staying. I may stay closer to the French Quarter though staying in the hotel where the majority of the Krewe is staying is something to think about as well. I have a little time to think on it. 

    And I can't stress comfortable shoes enough. My first TechEd was at New Orleans in 2010 and I had crappy shoes that screwed my feet up. Learned my lesson for sure.

  • Harjit

    I've been told to pack an empty foldable bag in my suitcase for the swag! Smiley

  • MikeRigsby

    I plan to take advantage of the UPS store in the Convention Center and ship back stuff if necessary.

  • MikeRigsby

    Is it standard for Hotels to have shuttle service from the airport or do I need to plan for a taxi?

  • Fredrik​Nilsson

    @MikeRigsby:Think you need to plan for a taxi

  • Fredrik​Nilsson

    @Duelund:I agree WiFi is really important.

  • Vecna

    I was at the last Tech-Ed in New Orleans, and there are shuttle bus services at the airport.  You can grab one as soon as you get there.  You might need to wait a bit, but they are reliable.  Taxis not needed.

  • Ladewig

    @Vecna:I beg to differ. Nothing wrong with the shuttle services, I use them in most every city I fly to.  For TechEd. though, the lines can be really long. If you were able to get a shuttle quickly in 2010, that's great, but you're the first person I know who had a good shuttle experience that year.  Now. whenever I go to NO, I always get a cab. 

  • Ladewig

    @Harjit:I usually bring a small duffel bag that collapses.  When I leave, I cram that full of laundry and any soft swag, lock, it and check it. I always fly SW though, so checked bags are free. Convention shipping center is a good option for heavy stuff like books.

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