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Keeping up to date on new sessions

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    So I've gone through the whole session catalogue and picked (multiple) sessions for each block.  Now I'm wondering how to keep track of new sessions that are added - I'd really rather not have to go thorugh every session/block every week from now until June...  Is there a mailing list/changelog/twitter hashtag that I can search/review to be advised of new sessions as they're added?


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    I was about to ask the same thing...a "sort by date added" option would be useful.  Smiley

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    Agreed! I didn't even know that they were still adding new stuff. I was mostly waiting for the app to come online so that I can get my stuff organized Smiley

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    For sake of notification on changes I'd thinking subscribing to the site RSS feed would notify you sessions change or get added?

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    I forgot about the RSS feed - thanks!

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    Yes @timmaay, @MikeRigsby, @TonySwe and @Dan9 we'll post daily updates to the TechEd North America sessions on the TechEd Blog. Please subscribe to the RSS feed to get the update when it is posted each day.

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