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Microsoft Bookstore - Expo Hall

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    So I saw on the countdown show that there will be an area at the Expo Hall to purchase Microsoft related materials / books at a discount. Just was wondering if anyone knows from previous conferences how many items System Center related you can expect there and if they're only hardcover / digital or both types available.

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    At past TechEds, the Microsoft store had books from just a small number of publishers (2, mayber 3), and the discounts were roughly 20%-25% off cover price - not substantially different than what you'd pay from Amazon.  I don't recall ever seeing an option to purchase a digital/ebook from the MS conference store - just hard/softcover physical books.  The only time I've purchased books at TechEd is if the author is doing a booksigning there at the store, as several (including Mark Russinovich) have done.  Other than that, I'd rather not add the weight of a book to all the other things in my suitcase - I'd rather order it/have it delivered after the conference.

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    @kkilbride: Since I focus on System Center I can tell you that I have been really pleased with the titles. Just make sire you get it when you find it. Books and all the other stuff in the store tend to sell out. At the end of the week the prices usually drop even more.
    So go un early and get what you need/want and go back the final hours and make some bargains 😎

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    @FredrikNilsson @RChaplin:Thank you both for the advice , much appreciated

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