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    Mike Bergin wrote

    We'll see.... Past TechEd's may have had Technet for free, but I can't see discounting a surface. As for the windows store, the store they usually have at TechEd with books and clothes, are not discounted. There MAY have been discounts but they were laughable. I would bet my Pro that there are no deep MS discounts or giveaways.

    As has been pointed out elsewhere, the store at this conference is not the typical Microsoft conference store with books, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.  It is being set up as a full-on Microsoft Retail Store like you would see in your local mall.  Therefore trying to make comparisons to previous TechEd conference stores is probably not particularly instructive.

    Also as pointed out elsewhere, significant discounts have been present at other TechEd conferences in the past, from Microsoft.  So have giveaways (i.e., free TechNet subs).

    We get that you want to rain on someone's parade, but you don't know what is going to happen any more than we do.  All that we know for sure is that there is a documented historical trend for Microsoft to provide discounts or freebies to TechEd attendees, and that this year we won't be getting a free TechNet subscription.  To my knowledge, nobody "in the know" has said that we would or wouldn't be getting anything else.  

    I do find it interesting though that despite the fact that there have been at least 3 very popular threads on the topic this week, we have yet to hear from anyone with TechEd what (if anything) would be given as a perk this year.  Until we officially hear otherwise, it's probably safe to assume that SOMETHING will be going on.  In 15+ years of working in IT, I have yet to attend a Microsoft conference or event that didn't come with something nice as a freebie.  I've gotten TechNet subs (multiple), Office and Windows software (multiple times), a Zune HD, Xboxes (two), and even vouchers for the Microsoft Employee Store (that lets you buy several hundred dollars worth of merchanidise at the Employee discounted rate).  Heck, I even went to one conference where they gave us a nice piece of Wenger roller-bag luggage embossed with a logo, which I'm still using regularly 5 years later.