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    Smiley I don't think there will be any hardware under our chairs Smiley It's just fun speculating J

    The Surface RT isn't an enterprise device but on the other hand I don't think the iPad/droids is either. The RT is a consumer device and is much like the iPhone/iPad a wallet opener for other systems. If you get one and gets used to the interface, functions in your home environment it's more likely that you at least consider one for your business.

    I don't think that the Macbooks would have been so successful and that Apple would have grown if it wasn't for the fact that users already had their wallets opened for the products.

    I can give you an example: If you go to an IKEA store what is the first thing you see coming in to the store? Napkins, candles or something really cheap. If you put one of them in your yellow bag it's more likely that you continue shopping.

    It's the same way with other products, if you start buying a brand it's more likely that you continue buying the same brand. The phenomena is really interesting people don't jump brands that easily the brand get adopted into the person and starts stating who they are.

    So there are some really nice wins for MSFT to hand out stuff J I'm certain that the marketing teams in Redmond has a lot of stats around stuff like this and have made calculations on topics like this.

    Anyway we'll know in a couple of weeks what we get, an awesome time in NOLA.