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    I am really hoping that Microsoft presents super aggressive offers for the Microsoft Surface RT... Considering the sales have not been "through the roof", they would do well to get these devices in the hands of trusted advisors and decision makers. The cost of the units has been speculated to be approximately 250.00. I would be very comfortable paying 100.00 for one so I can see the true value for my customers. I already have had to find innovative ways to get so many of the other devices to be prepared to help my clients. As a small company, I can't afford to buy the latest unit at retail price. Please Microsoft, take the example of Intel who provides extremely aggressive prices on demo product (not as much these days.. but they still try). Given that they did offer the Surface for 100.00, MS would be subsidizing the 150.00 for the true cost. Given roughly 10,0000 influential IT Users will be at Tech Ed, it seems that a 1,500,0000 investment in the product line would be an easy business decision. Personally I already invested in getting a Samsung i5 tablet.... but want to see the RT is in the real world