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    First OF all i must say that I don't think we'll get any hardware. I keep my hops up but I don't think it will happen. But there is a fact that's been said in this thread, many of the TechEd attendees are in decision making/consultation positions. And to my knowledge the slate hardware that lays on the meeting room tables around the world is very often not MSFT. To be able to return with a new device and use it in our day to day business will take the hardware into those meeting rooms. Since I ditched my iPhone I've been demonstrating the power of the Windows Phone in the enterprise environment many times, wen I put my phone on the meeting table I know I'll get comments on it. My laptop runs Windows 8 and is a non touch device, when I go into meetings I deliberately leave my win 8 mouse in my bag, cos as with the phone I know that I'm going to get some remarks on it. Then I ask why and pull out my mouse and voila, I get the swipe and many of the touch features used. So bring me the hardware and I will evangelize it. My hunch is that I'm not alone Smiley