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    @MikeBergin: Are you sure about the 2000 number?  I've heard Build attendance numbers are closer to 5000-6000, and considering that Build is a merger of the old PDC (which could pull in 6000+) and Mix, attendance numbers of 5000+ seems quite reasonable.

    BTW, that Samsung giveaway was 2011.  Last year was a Surface RT + Windows Phone.  No word on what they're getting this year, but I'd be interested to find out.

    Anyway, you seem to be missing the point entirely.  Nobody is arguing that Microsoft is going to give TechEd attendees free hardware because it will mean more money in the long run for them.  What we're saying is that this conference used to come with certain perks, and now it appears that it doesn't anymore.  We're asking for Microsoft to throw us a bone.  Historically, one such perk had been a discount on hardware for conference attendees, which is is EXACTLY what Worldramp was asking for when he started this thread.