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View Thread: More Thoughts on This Year In New Orleans: Lessons to Learn from Last Time
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    Now that I'm registered, I want nto make some suggestions regarding New orleans, based my last attendance there:

    1. The New Orleans breakfasts were execrable. Hope this time is different.

    2. One morning committed to keynotes is enough!! Few people come to Tech-Ed principally for the keynotes, and last year's investment of mornings on _two_ days to keynotes was overkill. This is especially true since the conference has shrunk dramatically in the past few years. Do not give a larger piece of a shrinking pie to keynotes. They are not why we come to tech-Ed. Perhaps separate IT Pro and developer keynotes could run in parallel.

    3. A couple of years back, on Sunday evening there were a couple of presentations of long-term trends germane to our career planning. These were great and I'd like to see something similar.

    4. It would be interesting to see a Birds of a Feather session on Ageism in IT. This doesn't affect me (yet), but for all of us this concern is inevitable.